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As a Walmart Account Manager, you will be responsible for managing and growing the company’s relationship with Walmart. This includes overseeing product listings, driving sales, managing inventory, and coordinating marketing strategies to optimize performance on Walmart?s online and physical platforms. The role requires a… strategic mindset, strong analytical skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively with various internal and external stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities:
? Account Management:
? Serve as the primary point of contact between the company and Walmart, fostering strong relationships with Walmart buyers and category managers.
? Ensure alignment of company products with Walmart?s strategies and objectives.
? Sales and Performance:
? Drive sales growth by developing and implementing strategies to increase product visibility and market share on Walmart?s platforms.
? Analyze sales data and market trends to identify opportunities for growth and optimization.
? Product Listings and Content Management:
? Oversee the creation and maintenance of accurate, high-quality product listings on, including titles, descriptions, images, and specifications.
? Optimize product content for search visibility and conversion, using SEO best practices.
? Inventory Management:
? Monitor inventory levels and coordinate with supply chain teams to ensure adequate stock availability and timely replenishment.
? Manage orders, returns, and fulfillment processes to ensure efficient operations.
? Marketing and Promotions:
? Develop and execute promotional strategies and marketing campaigns to boost product sales on Walmart?s platforms.
? Collaborate with marketing teams to create compelling content and advertising materials.
? Performance Monitoring and Reporting:
? Track key performance metrics, such as sales, traffic, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI).
? Generate regular reports and provide insights to senior management on account performance and areas for improvement.
? Competitive Analysis:
? Conduct regular competitive analysis to stay informed about market trends and competitor activities.
? Adjust strategies based on competitive insights to maintain a competitive edge.
? Compliance and Issue Resolution:
? Ensure compliance with Walmart?s policies, guidelines, and quality standards.
? Address and resolve any issues related to product listings, orders, or customer feedback in a timely manner.
? Collaboration and Coordination:
? Work closely with internal teams, including sales, marketing, product development, and logistics, to align efforts and achieve business goals.
? Coordinate with Walmart?s merchandising and logistics teams to optimize product placement and availability.

? Bachelor?s degree in Business, Marketing, Sales, or a related field.
? Proven experience (3-5 years) in account management, sales, or e-commerce, preferably with experience managing major retail accounts like Walmart.
? Strong understanding of Walmart?s retail and online platforms, including and Walmart Marketplace.
? Excellent analytical skills with the ability to interpret sales data and market trends.
? Proficiency in using e-commerce and analytics tools, such as Walmart Retail Link.
? Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders.
? Detail-oriented with strong organizational and project management skills.
? Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment.
? Problem-solving skills and the ability to handle complex issues effectively.
? Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and market conditions.

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