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Overnight Part-time Dispatcher (Work from Home)

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We are specifically looking for a night owl type person who is looking for a part-time overnight job.
We are looking for a part-time phone professional to answer our company phones from their home on weekends and overnight. This position is not for someone who plans on working all day during the day and then answering these phones at night. Your sleep will be interrupted, and this work would… impact your ability to work full-time during the day.
There are two types of shifts. Primary answer every first call coming in. Backup only answers when the primary person is on a call.
Shift Hours & Pay:
Day Shift 7am – 4pm / $90 (primary) & $30 (backup)
Evening Shift – 4pm to Midnight $80 (primary)
Night Shift – Midnight – 7am / $70 (primary)
Backup Evening & Night Shift – 4pm to 7am / $30 (backup)
Available Shifts:
Overnight Shift midnight – 7am Open – $70
Backup 4pm – 7am Open – $30
Overnight Shift midnight – 7am Open – $70
Saturday – A Week
Overnight Shift midnight – 7am Open – $70
Backup (half shift) 4pm – midnight – Open – $20
Saturday – B Week
Evening Shift 4pm – midnight Open – $80
Overnight Shift midnight – 7am Open – $70
This isn’t a call center type setup with back to back calls, although there are short bursts from time to time that might keep you on the phone for an hour or so. Most of the time you are just being available if and when the phone rings.
The following criteria is required for this position:
– Home phone or Cell phone
– Computer to access the internet
– A quiet home where you can answer the phone undisturbed by background noise
– Professional communication skills
– Basic mathematics
Job Type: Part-time
Pay: $150.00 – $300.00 per week
? 12 hour shift
? Day shift
? Night shift
? Weekends as needed
Application Question(s):
? Do you live within the Tampa Bay area and are you familiar with the road system throughout Tampa Bay?
? Hillsborough County, FL (Required)
Work Location: Remote