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Female Firearms Community Moderator for Facebook – Contract to Hire

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Job Title: Facebook Community Manager for Female Firearms Community
About Us: We are a premier organization dedicated to fostering a vibrant and safe space for women passionate about firearms…
Our community is a dynamic mix of enthusiasts, experts, and novices who share a common interest in firearms education, safety, and advocacy. We’re on the hunt for an enthusiastic, firearms-savvy Facebook… Community Manager to engage and grow our community, ensuring it remains a respectful, informative, and vibrant space for our members.
Role Overview: As our Facebook Community Manager, you’ll be the heartbeat of our online presence, specifically within our female firearms community. You’ll be responsible for nurturing a positive environment, encouraging discussions about firearms, and promoting our company values and offerings.
This role requires a balance of passion for firearms, social media savviness, and exceptional people skills to maintain the quality and integrity of our community.
Key Responsibilities:
Community Engagement and Moderation: Actively moderate discussions to ensure they are constructive, respectful, and in line with our community guidelines. This includes admitting new members, removing violators, and fostering an environment where members feel safe and valued.
Content Creation: Craft compelling content that resonates with our community?s interests, including educational material, updates, and promotional posts that encourage active participation and engagement.
Sales and Promotion: Utilize your deep understanding of our community to promote our company’s products and membership. Drive subscriptions and sales through targeted initiatives, leveraging your position to influence and motivate members towards our paid community offerings.
Feedback Loop: Serve as the bridge between the community and our company. Collect feedback, gauge community sentiment, and provide insights to help shape our offerings and strategies.
Crisis Management: Address and diffuse any potential conflicts or issues that arise within the community swiftly and diplomatically, maintaining the integrity and positive atmosphere of the group.
Ideal Candidate Profile:Passionate about Firearms: You have a robust knowledge of firearms and are enthusiastic about sharing and discussing this interest with others.
Social Media Expert: Proficient in managing social media platforms, particularly Facebook. You understand how to engage an online community and are familiar with social media analytics and tools.
Exceptional Communicator: With excellent written and verbal communication skills, you know how to connect with diverse groups, moderate discussions, and convey messages effectively.
People Skills: You?re a people person with the ability to maintain diplomacy and professionalism under pressure. Your approach is always respectful and inclusive.
Sales Acumen: Experience in sales or a keen understanding of sales strategies, with the ability to subtly yet effectively promote products and services within the community.
What We Offer:
Competitive Salary Plus Commission: Earn a base salary with the added incentive of commissions based on sales generated through your community management efforts.
A Dynamic Community: Work with an engaged, passionate community of women who share your interest in firearms.
Growth Opportunities: As our community grows, so will your opportunities within our organization.
How to Apply: Submit your resume along with a cover letter explaining why you are the perfect fit for this role. Highlight your experience with firearms, community management, and any sales successes you?ve had in the past.
Join us in empowering women in the firearms community while promoting safety, education, and camaraderie. We?re excited to welcome a new member to our team who shares our vision and enthusiasm
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