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T?ulo del aviso de empleo: Associate Director I ID de req.: 10070404 Descripci? del empleo: The Associate Director I position will operate under the supervision of the Director to support the direction of live Studio, Remote, and REMI productions by assisting with the execution and timing of the show, and the preparation and assembly of elements of the show. In addition, will contribute to… content ideas based on developing storylines across sports. The ADI must have strong multi-tasking and communication skills, plus leadership qualities. Accountabilities: Assists the Director during a production by timing elements, keying fonts, and coordinating feeds.?Maintains communication with live shots by providing alerts and cues, and ensures the proper framing, audio and video levels meet on-air standards.?During Ignite/Automated productions ? Associate Directors will assist in routing, papping, framing and clearing remote guests; selecting music for studio productions and MOS?ing into the rundown; assist Director with checking codes and rundown changes. Assists in communication of traffic changes, graphics requests, music cues, and source changes with media.?Assists the Director with pre-production elements including billboards, promotions, teases, graphics, special effects and virtual imagery; coordinates video and fonts within the production. Working with the Director and Production staff, will request images and monitor graphics to support storylines throughout the show. Will execute studio moves with requested elements during pre-production or discuss with director to be executed live. Verifies locations of guests (remote and studio) with Audio and Transmission/VCC by providing paperwork (FrameStores, IFBs, booking windows). Works with the assigned lead Directors on special graphics elements and animations for specialty shows. Participates in meetings with Production to assist in the development of visual content for the show. Assists the Director, Producer and Coordinating Producer with PCR setup, including the comms and monitoring build. On REMI productions, assists the Producer and Director in managing game-related responsibilities and traffic. Communicates directly with multiple positions, including the timeout coordinator or red hat to ensure the game and control room are in sync. Generates cards with promotional, sales and editorial copy for talent to read on air. Runs the preproduction session. Has the knowledge and the ability to stage manage studio-related productions, both in-house and on-remote when there is a business need. Helps to train newer Associate Directors. Provides feedback to support their development, and documents in written form to Management. Written feedback should be thoughtful and comprehensive with clear, detailed examples. Takes responsibility for personal development through independent observation and training. Becomes familiar with other positions and equipment in the control room and studio as they pertain to the Associate Director role. Practices and maintains the Directing Department performance standards as they apply to leadership, communication, operations, personal development and productions, and consistently performs all of the duties and functions required of the role. Demonstrates strong leadership qualities in all interactions and decisions. Qualifications: A thorough understanding of television production is mandatory. Clear, concise and comprehensive verbal communication skills. Ability to think quickly in a pressure situation. Hard working, detail oriented, passionate about production, interested in technical areas and continually offers creative ideas. Preferred Qualifications: A minimum of three years of production experience or network equivalent preferred. Directing experience preferred. Bilingual language skills (Spanish/English) preferred. Required Education: High School Diploma or equivalent Preferred Education: Bachelor’s Degree #ESPNMedia Segmento del aviso de empleo: ESPN Content Operations Segmento principal del aviso de empleo: ESPN Directing Categor? del aviso de empleo principal: Direcci? de espect?ulos Tipo de empleo: A tiempo completo Ciudad principal, estado, regi?, c?igo postal: Bristol, CT, USA Ciudad alternativa, estado, regi?, c?igo postal: Fecha del aviso: 2023-11-10 Learn more about us